PYRO-ILLUSION is a fan-made game that is free for Download using APK files for Android devices. This game is inspired by the famous FNAF horror series, featuring events after the main games.

PYRO-ILLUSION, like many other fan-made games of the FNAF series, is made to add theory and an after credit story of the main game. This game features a new location that old animatronic characters are moved to, called Roxy and Friends Pizza World.

In this place, the main character that is featuring the place is Roxy, and the animatronic characters work to entertain customers just like in the original game. But things are turning out to be the same as what it used to be, the animatronic characters started to become rebellious.

You will be hired to keep those animatronic robots in place, and your ship will be from 12 AM to 6 AM just like in the previous games. Get in the game now and try out how it would be like.

As we will let you find out the rest by yourself, if you are looking for more information, you should have a look at the screenshots that we have provided. PYRO-ILLUSION is free for download to android devices using APK files.

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