One Night at Flumpty’s – That egg is a monster

One Night at Flumpty’s will bring you mode to play and monsters to fight with. The Hard-Boiled Mode will be the mode you need to try. There will be a more complex mode released for you.

The monsters in this game will be different than other games you have tried. The monsters will be:

  • Flumpty, the evil egg. This one will kill you when you come right to it. He is an egg, and he will get out of his shell at the end of the game. At this moment, he will be more dangerous than ever.
  • The beaver looks like a human, except for his face. When you meet him, there will be no other choice for you but to fight with him. This one is fast, and he can appear anywhere in the game.
  • FNaF fangame shall bring you some other monsters. And they are not monsters you could kill quickly.

If you want to have this game, you need to check for the download One Night at Flumpty’s free. This function is helpful!

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