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Minecraft PC Game – An introduction

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Minecraft is a game with simple images, not very special sound but has achieved success right from the day of its release. It was created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and later developed and published by Mojang.

It all probably stems from the saying: “In Minecraft, you will play the role of creation, using the magic hammer to create your world.” This unique PC game gives you an absolute freedom experience and an unlimited creative opportunity, all waiting for you.

About the game

The ability to create and build Minecraft allows players to build structures by building structural blocks in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include searching, gathering resources, crafting, and fighting.

There are many game modes available, including survival mode in which players must find resources to build the world and maintain health. Creative mode in which players have unlimited resources to build and can fly. Adventure mode allows players to play maps created by others.

And spectator mode in which players can fly over blocks, but cannot interact with blocks. The PC version of the game is also known for its third-party mods, which allows for more new tools, characters, and missions for the game.

The PE version is also popular with high mobility and a series of Addons that can change the image and function of animals and tools.

The versions of Minecraft

  • Minecraft: Java Edition
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
  • Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition
  • Minecraft: Education Edition
  • Minecraft: Raspberry Pi Edition
  • Minecraft: Chinese Edition
  • Minecraft: New Nintendo 3Ds Edition
  • Minecraft Earth
  • Minecraft Dungeons


Minecraft has 4 game modes.

  • Creative
  • Survival
  • Hardcore
  • Adventure

1. Creative mode in Minecraft

This mode is mainly played based on the creativity of the player. We can search and use infinite resources in the game (all resources, not limited in number). You don’t even need to worry and care about how to get a shovel, a hoe or a table. Because with Creative Mode, everything is available.

Imagine playing in Minecraft’s Creative mode, your task is to design and build. You are an architect with the mission to build buildings, works of art from what is in the game.

But instead of having to go around the World of Mine yourself to mine and earn enough of the materials to use, you’ll be provided with everything including support tools.

Another advantage for players in this mode is that you will be completely free of mobs or monsters in the game. You will not die when staying in the water for too long or reducing your HP when touching the lava.

The only way is to kill yourself by digging deep into the ground (like digging into the center of the earth) or using the kill command.

Besides, in Creative mode, players can let their characters fly in the air (Fly Mode) like a real Superman just by double-clicking the spacebar on the keyboard.

Breaking the building blocks in this mode is also very simple and does not take as much time as other modes.

2. Survival mode in Minecraft

It can be said that this is the most difficult and complicated game mode. If you do not have the experience, you should not choose to play for the first time. Because you will be like Robinson when lost on a deserted island and do not have any tools on hand to survive.

You have to do everything yourself, from finding resources, making tools, weapons, shelter, food … Understandably, if in Creative mode, you are the most powerful person, then in Survive mode, everything will be the opposite.

In addition to having to do everything yourself, our characters are also very vulnerable to falling, starving or touching lava flows, diving for too long in the water or even being hunted by wild animals.

However, if so, Minecraft may not be so popular. The key point is that we can customize the level of this mode (Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard).

3. Hardcore mode in Minecraft

Hardcore Mode is also a real challenge for every Minecraft player because when you play Survival mode and unfortunately die, you can still revive to play again. But with this Hardcore mode, death means the end of everything. You will lose all the experience, the results gained from the start of play, every tree you grow, the houses you build, even the resources you earn or the tools you create … All will disappear.

Remember, with Hardcore Mode, you only have one life and one chance. Do whatever you want if necessary, but don’t forget to protect yourself, be as careful as possible and never take risks on things you don’t understand.

4. Adventure mode in Minecraft

Like a game mode combined from Creative mode and Survival mode, Adventure Mode gives players an experience like a trip to explore and visit around the entire map. But you can’t break everything with a click like in Creative Mode.

Although it is not possible to build a new world in Adventure Mode. But the player has joined and completed his masterpieces in Creative mode, they can use this mode to look back or share for those others accomplish this by themselves (by sharing it with others via the intranet or server).

Compared to the three modes above, adventure mode seems the least attractive and it is also the mode that few people choose to play.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft is an attractive game because you can freely build your kingdom according to your wishes. All can make up from your rich imagination. It’s no wonder that Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time (176 million copies). Why not join this game now to have a great experience with your relatives and friends. Good luck!

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