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How to Play CHESS Online

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Chess is no doubt a strategic game for developing mindset. You will play with an opponent on an 8×8 checkboard. Each side of the match will have 16 pieces with eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, a queen and a king.

You win the 2 player Chess by checkmate – which means the other’s king can’t move out of the current threat. If the king isn’t on a danger to be eaten and there’s no other move that can happen, we end the game with a draw. Several paths lead the game to this situation.

How to move and capture:

  • Pawn: The 1st move it makes can be a 1 or 2 squares worth. It runs in a line forward and attracts others that stay diagonally to them in 1 square. It can also capture another pawn with an unusual move called en passant. When moving to the end of the board, you can promote the piece to become queen, rook, knight or bishop.
  • Rook: It can move and capture others freely in horizontal or vertical paths. It can’t leap if other pieces are on the way. It is also involved in an exclusive strategic move call castling.
  • Knight: Move as an L shape. The knight also can leap over other pieces freely.
  • Bishop: Move, capture diagonally and can’t leap over other pieces.
  • Queen: It bears the power of rook and bishop inside.
  • King: Same as the queen but only able to advance in 1 square. Also, it is a part of castling.

Now hopefully, you understand the basic of CHESS. To play CHESS online as well as to learn more about the how-to of the game, check out this link: https://www.aol.com/games/play/masque-publishing/chess/

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