Hidden Gems: A FNaF Epilogue – Dead bail

The 64th Gamers has developed one survival terrifying game named Hidden Gems: A FNaF Epilogue. It has two chapters. Chapter 1: Night at the Museum and chapter 2: That’s just showbiz.


To ready for the day it can be launched for all the gamers, it takes the developers 2 and a half years for the completion through thousands of revisions and remakes. Because of its long time for preparation, its journey is not easy for both the developers and players.

The main place for this game is Fazbear Entertainment. It now becomes a museum in the local, but a long time ago, it is where many strange creatures were born. Though the car parking is large, it stands only one car. Once you step to the front door, immediately, you will have a very uncomfortable feeling for no reason. Something is moving indoors.


This is the next part of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. After opening in one week, suddenly, the new Freddy Fazbear’s is closed. It leads the owner of the museum to take back the Rockstar robot to his place. Nevertheless, Henry’s voice has raised in the tape from one room. That moment is also the time when the restaurant is burned down.

Chapter 1: Night at the Museum

One character stepped to the museum entrance and wished to have a tour. Something strange happened. Nobody existed in that place. He took a walkie-talkie to alert this to the one who seems to a tour guide of this museum. However, the tour guy said that he was stuck in the basement. To get him out of there, the guest had to turn off the power of this building. As the instruction, he entered the tour guy’s office and shut down the energy. Manually, he had to shut each energy source down.

After that, he noticed that the Funtime Freddy, a staff did not work anymore and went missing. He was also the one that he had to stay away. Then he went to another room called Circus Baby’s Pizza, which seemed to have no danger. Nevertheless, he still could feel something strange existing around. Not overthinking, he went to the vent immediately, noticing that another robot was following him.

After getting out of it, he found an animatronic named Brutus. At first, he seemed to be normal. But just a few seconds later, Brutus attacked him. A person and a robot struggled with each other until the main guy shocked the robot repeatedly until it was disabled. While being put in an unwilling situation, the main character knew one more thing. The owner of this museum, his friend, whose name was Henry, left this place after it finished and gave it back to him to control.

When the main character was waiting for the tour guy in the Power Room, another room was happening a fight between the tour guy and another animatronics. Luckily, he survived after an hour. The duty of the main character then was still trying to shut down all the power in the museum. After that, the tour guy still fights with many animatronics called Freddles, Funtime Freddy, and Nightmare Freddy. There was still another place had to shut down the energy; it was Fredbear and Friends.

How To Play

Though there are two chapters, you will play only chapter 1. You will play the role of the main character and get through all his journey.

To understand how the main guy feels and how to fight against all the animatronics, download Hidden Gems A FNaF Epilogue Free and have fun.

Good luck!

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