Helpful Tips For Beginners When Playing Minecraft


Minecraft is a variety of blocks with squares and rectangles shape and doesn’t have a gorgeous interface as current games, but ensure that the more you play, the more you’re attracted and hard to get rid of this game.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a massive world, Minecraft players will build all kind of terrains randomly from forests, swamps, mountains to sandy desires or frozen areas. 

You can feel free to create anything you desire to explore caves, build your dream house, plant, and raise your favorite plants and animals. Even you can create a supported railing system or a rollercoaster,… Is it amazing, right? But the extraordinary thing here is that all of them built by mono square blocks.

Beginning & Minecraft Game Modes

In the beginning, you must create a new world. When Create New World tab appears, click Create New World. Then, enter your new world name in the ‘Create New World’ text box and select your desirable right game mode:

  • Survival Mode: Players must gather resources to craft blocks and items, create health bar, hunger bar to hunt and survive.
  • Create Mode: Players can access all of the resources, place, and remove blocks immediately.
  • Hardcode Mode: A kind of survival mode which set to the hardest mode, and if players die, their world will disappear permanently.
  • Adventure Mode: Players connect with required items such as objects and mobs to experience the intended map.
  • Spectator Mode: You’re a guest and observe other players create their world. You cannot interact with everything, blocks, inventory, items, tools, and more.

After setting up all, hit Create New World button.

Minecraft’s default control

W: Forward (double tap to make hungry up) 

S: Back

A: Left

D: Right

E: Inventory

Shift: Hide and keep your characters to move slowly and prevent falling into the high places.

Right mouse button: Use selected items

Left mouse button: Attack, punch, and select.

If you want to change these controls, click Option → Control to adjust as you desire.

Helpful tips when playing in Minecraft survival mode

Survival Mode is one of the most attractive modes in Minecraft! In this mode, players must try to survive by gathering natural materials, building a shelter at night, preventing attacks from monsters and hostile mobs.

First day in Survival Mode

Your first task in survival mode is to assemble logs to make other tools. First, go toward any trees you found, put the cursor in on the trees and hold down the left mouse button. After breaking down to around ten blocks of logs, collect them to create a primary tool or item you want.

Then, press E to open your inventory, you can see the inventory window:

  • Four armor slots are the left of the character’s avatar to help them develop armors: hat, shirt, pants, shoes.
  • 2×2 square in the right of the character is the crafting area to craft essential items. A nearby slot is a result. 
  • The nine bottom slots are usable slots that contain useful items or tools.

Put blocks of logs that you collected into the crafting area. Each log is four planks, drag them to inventory.

  • Two planks can make to stick.
  • Four planks make into a crafting table.

Drag to the toolbar and right-click to place the crafting table to the ground. Then continue to right-click to the crafting table, 3×3 square crafting grid will appear. Now, let’s create craftable items follow these construction below:

  • Wooden Pickaxe: To dig stone, gravel, and coal.  
  • Wooden Axe: To chop wood faster.
  • Wooden Shovel: To excavate soil faster.
  • Wooden Sword: To skill monsters.


You need to exploit and collect other items such as pebbles, wood, or soil to build a temporary shelter when the night falls. 

Because when the night falls, the monsters will appear and kill you. Pay attention to survive due to after your death, your experience and items will be lost.

Create Torches

Then, you should try to ignite, because fire keeps the monsters away from you and light up your space in the dark. 

There are so many ways to make torches. You can break and collect rocks from the cliff, craft into a furnace, then, use it for smelting more logs into charcoal, then combine charcoal with sticks into torches. 

You can also use the collected terrain blocks to create doors to block the entrance gate, to prevent monsters. 

Create Bed

Besides, looking for around your shelter to find sheep, then you can collect three blocks of wool from sheep to make a bed. 

And at night time, you should right-click to the bed and wait for a while till the sun rises.

Create Chest

When there are too many logs or items in your inventory, make a chest to store them and let them stay in your shelter. When placing two chests beside together, there will become a large chest that allows you can comfortably put things in it. Right-click on the chest, and it will open immediately.

There are a variety of natural resources and minerals in Minecraft, and you can not only use them to create usable items or tools but also to build buildings. 

Depending on the type of minerals, you can create different quality items or tools, but they also have the expired day. Using the same ax construction above, you can replace wood by iron or diamond to increase the tool’s durability.

The more you play, the more materials you need to create extraordinary buildings, some seldom materials take a long time to find and collect, such as gold ore.

Wrapping up

Is that great?! You will more and more are fascinated and will exceptionally be excited when creating your buildings filled with full conveniences.

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