Game review: Bruh.IO


Ever since battle royale games became a popular trending game genre, there have been countless games with concepts similar to PUBG or Fortnite.

Many of you probably already know this game. Bruh.IO is a survival shooting game with a cartoon-style graphic and gameplay similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

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There are many impressive points and excellent graphics that make this game highly addictive. Additionally, this IO game has simple 2D graphics which means that you can play using any computer and it’ll still run smoothly.

As a multiplayer survival game, your task is not only to survive but also to kill as many opponents as you can using your tactical skills. However, it’s not that easy. With many players wanting the top spot, the competition is on!

To make your gameplay more interesting, Bruh.IO allows players to carry multiple weapons using quick-switch and improved meds to help you survive longer. Also, you can upgrade your weapons and character skins to show off to your friends and make them jealous!

If you want to start playing Bruh.IO then click on the link below!


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