FNIA: Ultimate Location (Five Nights in Anime 3)

FNIA: Ultimate Location is a parody game that is free for download here on our website. This game is the third game of the FNIA series and is made inspired by the famous FNAF horror series.

Like what the first two games have done to the FNAF series, FNIA: Ultimate Location actually does the same thing as it is created based on the third game of the FNAF series. Most of the features in the main games are kept remained. The only things that make differences are the graphics and how those animatronic characters kill you.

You will see how painful love can be, as those animatronic characters are packed with a lot of affection, like real girlfriends, they love to hug anyone they can see. However, they don’t know how powerful they actually are, so hugging and kissing one person may result in killing him.

Instead of having jumpscare scenes, you will get boob-scare, their breasts will be shown on the screen before you are killed. The other things including the gameplay and control mechanism remain as the original game.

We will let you find out more about the game by yourself. FNIA: Ultimate Location is free for download, so what are you waiting for?

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