FNF Vs The Tricky Mod

Put together for an epic musical battle with FNF Vs The Tough Mod on FNF Mods, battle towards ghostly clowns.

The sport beneath the theme of Friday Night Funkin this time will give gamers a particularly spooky and horror character that’s the character Tough Clown. He’ll present you all his insanity and hazard in 4 songs.

You need to battle him instantly, do not miss any rhythm or the monstrous clown will discover a solution to assault you.

4 problem songs:

  • Unbelievable Outset
  • Insanity
  • Hellclown
  • Expurgation


  • some black and purple flames seem, hitting them will take about 20% of the participant’s well being.
  • Flames have a black halo, touching them will immediately knock the participant unconscious!
  • Enjoyable gaming music with a wide range of tempos starting from speedy to sluggish.
  • This sport will put your commentary abilities and quick reactions to the check.
  • Check your potential to understand music and mix probably the most subtle sounds.
  • Grasp the velocity of tunes, and you’ll completely overcome the lady’s love for her demanding father.

How to play

Use the arrow keys or the WASD key to navigate the arrows and create full tunes.

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