FNaF World Redacted – You and your friend must fight

FNaF World Redacted Free Download is a strategy adventure videogame developed by Grasis and first published on June 2, 2018. As the developer has declared, this game is a fun fan game version of Five Nights at Freddy.

Once playing FNaF World Redacted, players will be surprised by how cool the game is. Dangerous animatronics which used to scare them off, haunt them now turn into cute characters. Players will no more work as a nightguard, they will become those animatronics, go and explore the new world with dozens of challenges.

The game promises to bring the best experience to players. Since the first release, this game has come over several updates with tons of fixes and visual design of the background as well as characters. By downloading to the PC instead of running the game from the browser, the game is going never better in even low configuration PC.


FNaF World Redacted is an adventure with many layers of maps as well as challenges. In each layer, players have to beat the bosses, overcome blocks and find the way to get out. It can be a map of green a forest, to white forest covered by snow, or a big lake. Each map will contain its unique strategy.

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