FNaF World: Adventure – Wide world to explore

FNaF World: Adventure Free Download is a reimagined world of the original scary horror video game Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. As introduced, this game will be as wacky and as weird as possible for more fun.

FNaF World: Adventure features the Sister Location cast in the FNaF series with new animatronics, new areas as well as jump scares and even more. This is the work of Kat-Ultima and still under progress for perfection. Since September 9, 2019, the game has got four updates with tons of added values and modifications to bring more fun to players.


FNaF World: Adventure, as its name, is all about the adventure of colorful animatronics in forest background.  Players play the role of those animatronics, beat the bosses and collect trophies to win the game. There are two chapters in the game with a total of 8 trophies to beat up.

Besides that, there are also many extra things to do after gamers complete the game! Numerous numbers of secret fights, little easter eggs, and more hidden around the game are waiting for players to find out.

Download it now and have fun moments!

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