FNAF UCN: The Hottest Specials

FNAF UCN: The Hottest Specials Free Download is a survival horror video game inspired by the most famous horror franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s of Scot Cawthon. The game is expected to be a point-and-click video game friendly to all users of all ages.

The project belongs to THeHottest team with no announcement yet available for the official release. To ensure the best experience for all players, it takes a long time to complete all tasks. The game has been published on July 9, 2018 and under big progress.

The game is new and just at its early stage, but not because of that has the game become less attractive. It has a sharp and cool graphic with impressive colors, and new animatronics models,. And all the things in-game keeps its scary visual appearance, which is very cool.


Everybody is curious at its official gameplay. As one of the FNaF fangame series, this may have similar gameplay to the original game, which means players have to watch out the animatronics and protect themselves from the attack of those dangerous species. There are limited tools for players to use to block the way of the animatronics and avoid their attacks. The difficulty of the game will get higher night after night.

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