Five Nights in Minecraft: The Classic Collection

Five Nights in Minecraft: The Classic Collection Free Download is the famous survival horror video game developed by IvanG. This collection is inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s of Scott Cawthon. As introduced, this version is the combination of the FNaF series and the famous classic game Minecraft.

With this version, players can enjoy double fun. Players will be surprised by how cool this game is. It has been designed with the graphic of Minecraft, “blocks”, from the visual appearance of the animatronics to interiors in the room. Plus the game still keeps the wonderful gameplay of the original game. It’s cartoony, simple yet also scary, never had 2D graphic games ever done it before.


Five Nights in Minecraft: The Classic Collection has three parts with different plots. However, the gameplay of the three installments is the same. Players will work as a night guard in a horror place, in which they will face numbers of scary characters. With the approaching of the animatronics, players shall protect themselves from those dangerous species and manage to survive at least five nights, from 12 am to 6 am.

There will be not a lot of tools that players can use to defend against the animatronics. They can only get access to some cameras, switches and doors to trace the status, block the path, and avoid the animatronics from reaching them.

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