Game Review: The Diggerz.IO game



A game with the classic royal setting, Diggerz.IO brings you shimmering and novel battles. You will have to fight your opponents who are also royalty in other countries. Fight hard and become the last player left.

How To Play Diggerz.IO

In Diggerz.IO, players start with a pick, a blade and a mortar. You will use them to protect yourself initially when entering the game. With battle royale mode, that weapon’s inventory is too little for you if you want to be the winner. Because this is a survival mode with a smaller map, forcing players closer together in a stressful battle. Therefore, you must dig and build your defence system. By digging like that, you will find many new weapons and tools. Besides, with the defence system with blocks, you can prevent enemies from flying.

Use your pickaxe to dig tunnels, find loot and track your opponent. In proper sight, you will attack and kill your opponent. When they die, instead of dropping the spoils like other games, they lose a coin. You can use that coin to buy weapons, clothes, pets and other equipment in the store.

Features and features of Diggerz.IO

  • You have both built and destroyed the blocks
  • Features to customize the appearance of your character (go to the store and buy jewellery, clothes with the money you earn by defeating opponents)
  • Battle royale game mode
  • Side-scrolling perspective

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