Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version)

Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version) is a fan-made horror game, which is free for download for Android using APK files. This game is made inspired by the famous horror FNAF game series.

Bubba’s Diner game takes place at the Bubba’s Diner, a family restaurant that is build based on the famous Freddy’s Fazbear Pizzeria. As it also features the animatronic robots for attracting customers.

The animatronic characters that are used in the Bubba’s Diner are Bubba the bear and Porkpatch. They are modernized animatronics, which is much more modern than the other available robots at that time.

However, there seems to be some problems with those animatronics at night, which requires a night guard to watch and keep them in place. You will be hired to work as that night guard, who works for 5 nights.

In those 5 nights, you will have nothing to defend yourself but the simple items such as the torch and some security cameras. And you will have to survive to find the secret behind those behaviors.

You later will discover more animatronics, which has different properties. Bubba’s Diner has come with many updates and this is the latest version of the game. It can be downloaded and installed for free to Android devices using APK files.

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