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Better Advancements Mod 1.16.3/1.15.2/1.12.2

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Better Advancements Mod 1.16.3/1.15.2/1.12.2 was created for the sole purpose of giving players a better advancement system. This Minecraft mods 1.12.2 /1.15.2 gives changes to the user interface and user experience. The Advancement tab shows players the list of tasks that they have done and have to do to move forward in Minecraft.

Better Advancements Mod 1.12.2

Better Advancements Mod 1.12.2

The original Advancement window in Minecraft is described as tiny and inconvenient. This is the first thing that Better Advancements Mod 1.15.2/1.12.2 fixes. With this mod, players can view all the advancements from a big window.

With Minecraft mods 1.15.2 /1.12.2, players can also change the color of the advancement icons. The size of the description box also is enlarged so that players can read them easily. Also, when on hover, the background of the Advancement window doesn´t fade away either.

Another small change that Better Advancements Mod 1.16.3/1.15.2/1.12.2 makes is that it is possible to change the name of Advancement window by replacing it with the name of a tab.

To run Better Advancements Mod 1.12.2, players must install Minecraft Forge beforehand.


How to install Better Advancements Mod:

  • Install Minecraft Forge, Optifine HD, and GLSL Shaders Mod on your computer.
  • Navigate to your Minecraft game folder.
  • Move the mod (.zip file) to the .minecraft/shaderpacks/ folder.
  • Operate Minecraft and click on the mods button.

Download Better Advancements Mod 1.16.3/1.15.2/1.12.2 for free here:

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