Best action video games ever.

Great action game? Have you seen the mercenaries? Everything explodes, Statham gets racy, and the morgues are full of mustachioed villains. Nora bleeding. Well, action games, it’s true, action games do that, except they are games.

So it’s YOU leaping with a makeshift lightning bolt to plunge a sword into someone’s skull, it’s YOU firing a load of improperly placed canisters of flammable liquid, and you don’t even bother to look at the resulting carnage as you race your motorcycle while turning the reed.

Action games are the meat and sweet potatoes of the environment. As much as we love our challenging RPGs, our patient stealth games, our incomprehensible turn-based strategy games, sometimes you just want to shoot an idiot in the face with a gun that you shoot like a real tough bastard.

Health and security? Do not make me laugh. Take a rsearch at our list to find out what kind of bone crushing, fatalities, and gun blasts hit you. Then go and lift your chin to the next weirdo that gives you a weird look.

Skylanders: Swap Force review

Faced with stiff competition from Disney Infinity, Skylanders really should be in your A game this year. And yet the creator of Toys For Bob has faded into the background, handing over the keys to Vicarious Visions. Never mind: Swap Force doesn’t suffer a bit when switching. This is the best Skylanders game to date and a clear step forward for the series.

Or should it be a jump? Adding a jump button is very useful as it allows the developer to create more varied levels. While the action is same to previous games, the new Swap Force characters receive their own individual challenges; from platform testing to racing puzzles, climbing and dynamic teleportation.

Grand theft auto online

With such a devastating release due to server issues, it’s fair to say that GTA 5’s early forays into the MMO swamp were as painless as John McClane’s glass walk through Nakatomi Square. So it must be recognized that, despite the fact that David Moyes looks like Pep Guardiola, the world of Rockstar is so tough and exciting that GTA Online is a triumph nonetheless.

However, to enjoy it, you need to understand it. GTA Online is a game that draws players in different directions. Are you in Free Mode with 15 other players in Los Santos County? Or dive into one of the operation circles that float to the ground at every turn? What about the phone calls with suggestions for other missions? And the lobbies? And the robberies at the liquor store?

It takes a while to get used to the rhythm. The most fun thing about GTA Online is free play, but to really take advantage of it, you need to rank what you do best in missions. Racing and deathmatch are at stake, but the best structured game is the cooperative challenges that you access through your phone contacts.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is, for the most part, plastic proof that dating works, assuming there is still love and imagination in the game to keep the excitement and enjoyment of its core mechanics alive.

This acquaintance, of course, works both ways. Lego Marvel Super Heroes does next to nothing to get the attention of non-fans of the long-standing franchise, but it takes a great deal of effort to make fans of Lego and any Marvel universe under the sun feel right at home. . The mechanics of the show have been improved and refined, but the real emphasis is on setting and context to evoke that sense of adventure.

Right from the start, it seems like a more perfect endeavor. Marvel Super Heroes has the humor the show is known for, but it does it better than recent recordings – it feels like a breath of fresh air by comparison. The characters fully express themselves again, and despite the obvious callbacks to Marvel lore, the game takes on a story of its own.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I most like Rise of the Tomb Raider, but unfortunately I don’t think it got the attention it deserved; So much so that at the time of its premiere, I felt a bit like its only cheerleader in a stadium full of opposition fans. Of course, this was almost entirely due to the game’s release as a time exclusive for Xbox One and Xbox 360. By keeping the game away from PS4 (and PC) owners, Square infuriated a large chunk of fans of the game. Lara. Add to that the fact that the Xbox One doesn’t perform as well as Sony’s console in a “sales war,” and you have the perfect recipe for a game that sells relatively poorly. At least now PC gamers can understand why Rise of the Tomb Raider should have received more fanfare.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a game that you will either really hate or love. It will be polarizing. This is a kettle jar and I advise you to go out and taste it yourself without reading too much about it first. It has no HUD, tutorials, combat points where the game stops, and a helpful and friendly overlay that says PRESS X TO DISASSEMBLE THIS GUY. You have to solve it yourself. But you and Senua are never alone. There is a constant stream of voices commenting on Senua’s every move, sometimes whispering, sometimes yelling, sometimes helpful, often sneaky.

You need to see! You need to use your eyes! ‘Yes. Grab the controller to find out which button helps Senua focus when looking at something. They can lie and tell the truth. ‘What are you doing? She went the wrong way. “And you? Maybe yes. In fact, as discussed, it is quite possible that the game itself is lying to you in a way that is not yet fully resolved: at first, Hellblade informs you It has a permanent death system, and while some are convinced that it is a hoax to create tension, others still believe that this may be true.

God of War review

The setting for God of War (Scent of 2018), after Kratos’ destruction of Mount Olympus, is very different from his time in Ancient Greece, but thematically, the Norse kingdom of Midgard is still very good. Despite their penchant for extreme violence, you can easily agree with Kratos, who crashes (and then tears off those heads) the pantheon of Greek gods, because, even in what we can consider his own mythological canon, they are capricious traitors. and not wise. benevolent rulers; likewise, the Scandinavian gods are often the worst. Many of them are the gods you pray to prevent terrible things from happening to you at the hands of the god himself, for example: “Oh mighty Thor, your hammer is very impressive and you are amazing. Please don’t set my house on fire or electrocute all my sheep for laughing. Best regards, Snorri.

The way that Scandinavian mythology is woven into the game as a backdrop to God of War’s more subtle story about the excessive slaughter of monsters, but as a bond between father and son, it is arguably my favorite part of God of War. Its elements are usually incredibly huge. There are mountains too high, trolls too big, trees too interdimensional. There are turtles big enough to carry little cabins, corpses big enough to create relief, and snakes big enough to circle the world, all wonderfully epic. And the scale of the cyclical and eternal battle in which Kratos and his son find themselves in balance with the insignificance of their own interpersonal struggles. There are quiet moments when Atreus asks his father to tell him a story as they float around a wide lake filled with shipwrecks and then a large shadow passes over the boat and you look up to see the head the size of a cathedral of a world snake. moving slightly when you look at the landscape and you think, “Wow, yeah, this is a world where gods exist, and technically he puts us in this little boat.” It is impressive on a large and small scale.

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